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Do i need to double betting the game automatic machines? We develop the right game strategy

Many players without experience play all the gambling on the same strategy. However, this technique does not always help to win. For example, if you play a certain roulette strategy, the same tactic in slot machines may end in fiasco and vice versa, the system for winning slots will not be effective when playing roulette. […]

Texas Hold'em

How many hands do you have to play in Texas Hold’em in order not to lose?

The main reason for losing poker is that the player plays too many hands. To explain, it’s enough to know a little math. According to statistics, the player with the best starting hand wins more often than everyone else. This conclusion is made on the basis of long observations, and should be taken seriously. If […]

How to win blackjack even if you don’t count cards: useful tips for players

If you play blackjack for a long time, then you probably know something about card counting. At least you heard about it. But did you know that there are other ways to beat the casino? Ace tracking and prediction Some advanced methods include separate aces counting. At the same time, tracking them has nothing to […]