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German Poker Tour

German Poker Tour will be held at King s Casino from December 25 to 30

King s Casino, nestled on the border of the Czech Republic and Germany, decided to congratulate their Merry Christmas customers holding their favorite German Poker Tour. The final Stage of the next season GPT will be held from December 25 to December 30 and will combine the order 10 tournaments with entry fees from € […]

What are the most profitable gambling

What are the most profitable gambling – Top 3 types of games by popularity

The popularity of online entertainment With the constant growth in the market of modern technologies, people gradually began to prefer online casinos. Online, you can create a zone of your own comfort that other players will not violate. Even if you currently do not have enough funds for the game or you feel that you […]

Why do online casinos legalize sooner or later? Convincing arguments

The issue of the legalization of gambling has become acute after the total promotion of online casinos in the virtual space. Previously unknown sites turned into rating resources with an income of millions of dollars every month. It is noteworthy that in the legalization of gaming clubs in the network, it was power that became […]

live casino

Online casinos VS real casinos: their pros and cons

Before each fan of gambling there is a choice of what to prefer – an online casino or a real one. For many, the answer is obvious at first sight, and some perfectly perceive both of them. However, in fact, to really understand what is still better, is quite difficult. Before each fan of gambling […]